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NEBOSH is the awarding organisation of choice for Health & Safety Professionals. The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate acts as the prefect addition to the Oil & Gas, General and Construction Certificates to help your understanding of Environmental Management Systems. In todays competitive job market many Health and Safety Management roles include the additional responsibility of looking after, improving and maintaining an organisation’s environmental interests. In completing this qualification you will be able to demonstrate the knowledge and know-how to perform such tasks. This qualification is taught over 5 days as a stand-alone qualification but is typically completed in addition to a relevant Health and Safety qualification.


  • Foundations of Environmental Safety

  • Environmental Management Systems

  • Environmental Impact Assessments

  • Controls of Emissions to Air

  • Water Contamination Controls

  • Waste & Land Controls

  • Noise Controls

  • Energy Sources

  • Energy Usage & Efficiency

  • Environmental Planning

  • Planning for and Dealing with Environmental Emergencies


Anybody with Managerial Health and Safety responsibilities should be set on acquiring this qualification to enhance their skill-set and understand the environmental impacts of their decisions. Nowadays almost all Health and Safety Manager’s roles include an aspect of Environmental Management making this course fundamental to their role.



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