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Auth Body Image Anaphylaxis (Inc. EpiPen) & Basic Life Support (Inc. AED)

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The objective of this qualification is to support learners in the use of tools available for emergency care in a workplace where a colleague is in danger from a potential life-threatening reaction.

The qualification covers knowledge such as the roles and responsibilities of the first aider, how to assess an incident and recognising signs and symptoms of injury and illness.

The qualification also covers first aid skills in CPR and use of an AED and providing first aid to a casualty who is having an anaphylactic reaction and the administration of autoinjectors.


  • Roles and responsibilities of First Aider

  • The Primary and Secondary Surveys

  • CPR and safe use of AED

  • Anaphylaxis recognition

  • EpiPen Training


The benefits for learners of this course is to ensure that their aware of the use of first aid equipment available, to help prevent deterioration and to preserve life until more skilful treatment arrives.

The First Aid equipment available are: EpiPen, CPR & AED where learners have the use of these during the course.

This will give knowledge and confidence to deal with an emergency situation within the workplace.


(In -house, assessment throughout the course) Including practical demonstrations and knowledge test.


1 Year

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