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eLearning UKATA Asbestos Awareness

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This awareness (category A) course is aimed to make candidates aware of the dangers associated with exposure to airborne asbestos fibres through unknowingly coming into contact with asbestos materials.

Most importantly, the qualification will equip students with the knowledge required to identify where asbestos may be a risk by being able to identify where they are like to come in to contact with asbestos-containing materials, how to identify materials potentially containing asbestos and what to do should they suspect they are at risk of being exposed to asbestos.

If you work on buildings built or refurbished before the year 2000, asbestos could be present. You will need asbestos awareness training so you know how to avoid the risks.

This eLearning package allows you to complete the course online in more than one sitting. Once you’ve passed the test at the end of the course, you’ll be emailed your UKATA certificate, which is valid for 12 months.

The eLearning UKATA course should take approximately 90 minutes to complete.

“This UKATA course that we are offering for sale, is sold under license from Bainbridge Asbestos Services Ltd who is the UKATA approved Professional Member UK1701A, and this company Alpha Safety Training Ltd are not a UKATA Professional Member for this classification of training, Asbestos Awareness E-Learning”



  • What is asbestos?

  • Asbestos and its effects on health

  • Asbestos Containing Materials

  • Asbestos bans, laws, surveys and registers


Asbestos Awareness training is a legal obligation for employers where there is a risk that employees may be in contact with the substance.

The dangers of asbestos have been well-documented in the press, and although many historic instances of exposure go back several decades, some recent cases of younger victims have also been reported.

This illustrates the ever-present dangers of a substance widely used in the construction and shipbuilding industries from the 1950s. Its use was only banned at the turn of this century, and the fact remains that if disturbed, asbestos presents a serious risk to the health of those in the vicinity.

The number of deaths from mesothelioma, an aggressive form of lung cancer attributed to asbestos exposure, rose to 2,369 in 2019.


Multiple Choice Exam


12 months

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