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Auth Body Image NPORS Forward Tipping Dumper (Test Only)

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We provide NPORS Forward Tipping Dumper testing, intended for experienced operators to complete their theoretical and practical tests. 

Testing is available on-site only, no training will be provided. Prices quoted are inclusive of NPORS registration and certification.


This course can sit a maximum of 3 students and is available as a group booking only


The Theory Test

  • Written Exam (25 Questions)*

  • Multiple Choice Exam (20 Questions)

*The first 5 questions will require a full written answer.

You will not be permitted access to any computer or mobile phone during the test. You will not receive any help or guidance during the test. (If you feel you may require help with your theory test, please consider booking refresher training in advance of the test).

If you should require it, a translator can be provided for an additional charge. This must be requested in advance.

Ideally, you would pass the theory test in order to progress to the practical test. If you fail the theory test you will be offered the opportunity to undertake the practical test but you would then have to retake the theory test at another time and would incur an additional charge for this.

The Practical Test

Once you have successfully passed the Theory Test you will move onto the Practical Test. This will take place outside and will involve the tester providing you with instructions to follow out on the machinery. You will then be accessed to ensure you have the necessary experience, core skills and the technical knowledge to operate the specific category of plant safely.

At the end of the test day you will be asked to complete a form providing your contact details.

If you successfully pass both the theory and practical elements of the test you will be awarded either an NPORS or an NTSS Card or Certificate which we will apply for on your behalf. Once we have received the card or certificate we will send it to the company or individual who has booked and paid for the course once payment in full has been received.


NPORS Theory assessment consisting of open questions and multiple choice.

NPORS Practical assessment.


5 Years

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