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Auth Body Image IATP: Awareness & Non Licensable Work With Asbestos Training

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Since April 2012 it is possible to carry out certain asbestos works without a licence. Between non-licenced and licenced asbestos work lies notifiable non-licenced work (NNLW) which comes with additional requirements attached. 

The IATP Category B: Non-Licenced Works course is intended for students who may need to carry out non-licenced and notifiable non-licenced asbestos removal. The course is also suitable for those undertaking a 12 month refresher of previous training. The training delivers the knowledge needed for removing asbestos safely, providing the knowhow to implement the necessary controls required to complete the work.



  • Recognising Asbestos

  • How Asbestos can affect your Health

  • The Added Dangers of Smoking

  • The uses and likely locations for Asbestos in Buildings

  • Relevant Legislation 

  • Procedures to Protect Yourself

  • Necessary Equipment

  • Selection, Use & Maintenance of Personal Protective Equipment

  • Recognising & Dealing with Other Dangers (i.e. working at height)

  • Decontamination

  • Emergency procedures

  • Waste Disposal

Non-Licenced Removal:

  • Making Suitable & Sufficient Assessments about the Risk of Exposure to Asbestos

  • Safe Work Practices & Control Measures

  • Appropriate Selection & Use of Protective Equipment

  • Waste Handling Procedures

  • Emergency Procedures

  • Relevant Legislation

  • Parameters of Notifiable Non-Licensed Work (NNLW)


Whether you are a general maintenance worker, plumber, electrician, carpenter, painter, shopfitter or general construction operative; wherever asbestos may be disturbed asbestos awareness training is an absolute requirement.

The course addresses this excellently before moving on to the more technical requirements of asbestos removal. 

Anybody who already carries out non-licenced work can also use this course as an annual refresher.


2 Short-Answer Exams (Awareness & Non-Licenced Removal)


1 Year

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