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Auth Body Image FAA Level 3 Supervising First Aid for Mental Health

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A Mental Health First Aider in the workplace is the ‘go-to person’ for anyone who is experiencing some form of mental health condition i.e. stress, anxiety or depression. This course will also provide the relevant knowledge to identify anyone who is showing signs of ill health i.e. a change in behaviour, body language or character.

The first aider will be there to help guide the person in distress and support where ever necessary and therefore, be able to intervene before it escalates. This course provides a natural progression for those who have previously completed mental health first aid training.

Although it is also designed for those who may not have previously completed training but is particularly tailored to those in a supervisory, managerial or position of leadership. The course will support individuals responsible for implementing a positive working environment and the promotion of good mental health.

Whilst the expiry for this course is 3x years, an annual refresher to remain updated on current knowledge and to support your ongoing confidence is recommended. See here for more details!


Day 1

Module 1 Introduction

Module 2 What is first aid for mental health?

Module 3 Identifying mental health conditions

Module 4 Providing advice and starting a conversation

Module 5 Stress

Module 6 Drugs and Alcohol

Module 7 First aid action plan for mental health

Module 8 Mental health in the workplace

Module 9 Depression

Module 10 Anxiety

Module 11 - Assessment 1 (Written assessment paper)

Day 2

Module 1 Introduction and day 1 recap

Module 2 Post-traumatic stress disorder

Module 3 Self-harm

Module 4 Suicide

Module 5 Eating disorders

Module 6 Personality disorder

Module 7 Bipolar disorder

Module 8 Psychosis

Module 9 Schizophrenia

Module 10 Assessment 2 - (Written assessment paper) 


On succesful completion, you will be awarded the RQF FAA Level 3/ SCQF Level 6 Award in Supervising First Aid for Mental Health.


This course is assessed through practical observation throughout the course delivery as well as a written assessment on each day of the course.


3 Years

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