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Auth Body Image HABC Level 2 Award in Understanding Infection Prevention & Control

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Health & Social Care


This qualification is designed for those learners wishing to gain a nationally recognised qualification in the prevention and control of infections within health and care settings. This may be staff who require a refresher/CPD training or learners working towards joining the industry or are new to the sector.

The objective of this qualification is to support roles found in health and care settings, such as care homes, health centres, surgeries, childcare facilities and day centres, in the principles of infection prevention and control. Learners will cover topics such as the common healthcare-associated infections, the chain of infection, the importance of correct handwashing procedures, the personal protective equipment role, linen management, the decontamination process, blood and body fluids spill management, correct sharps management, waste management and associated risks and the different roles and responsibilities within health and care settings.


Upon completion of training students will be able to:

  • List the common diseases to be found in a workplace setting
  • Describe the chain of infection
  • Identify how infections are spread
  • List the standard infection control precautions
  • Identify why standard infection control precautions are used.
  • List the steps in correct hand washing techniques.
  • Describe how to deal with blood or bloodstained spillages.
  • Describe how to correctly handle/manage waste


With infections, illnesses and diseases on the rise, training Health and Social Care Staff in this subject has become a key industry goal, as well as an area of focus for external regulators. This qualification is aimed to achieve this goal.


Multiple Choice Examination


3 Years

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