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Health & Social Care


Combining Highfield accredited Conflict Management (Level 2) with our own tutor’s vast experience in Breakaway & Physical Intervention techniques we have developed this course and specifically tailored it toward the care industry. The course covers all modules recommended by the Training Passport & Information scheme; Awareness (A), Personal Safety & De-escalation (B), Breakaway (C) and even the addition module (D) to include Physical Intervention training, yet to be made mandatory under the All Wales Passport scheme.


• Positive Communication • Rights & Responsibilities • Managing Expectations • Assertiveness vs. Aggression • Strategic Problem Solving • Emotional Awareness • Aggression Triggers • Body Language • Stages of Escalation • Risk Reduction • Defusing Techniques • Breakaway Techniques • Physical Intervention


Anybody within the care industry with direct contact with clients require this training in order to diffuse potentially dangerous situations and protect themselves in the event of conflict. It is perfect for anybody needing a qualification in the management of violence and aggression. For employers; it is your responsibility that employees are equipped to deal with such situations to reduce the risk of any harm to them. This training is an essential first step in that process.


Continuous Assessment and Short Answer Questions


Refresher training must be scheduled according to risk settings. Please contact us for more info.

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