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  ISO Accreditations


Internationally, many organisations now display a variety of ISO Hallmarks, but what do they all add up to? 

  • Greater Access to Larger Clients 
  • Increased Tender Opportunities
  • Increased Sales
  • A more Efficient Business ...
  • Process Cost Savings 
  • Fewer Errors
  • Increased Profits
  • Happier Clients!

A FIRST CLASS Service, Delivered by FIRST CLASS Consultants... 

All companies use a system of some sort to run the business.

Some are informal, some are more formal, and some use the detailed management standards laid down by the International Standards Organisation (ISO)

The three most common standards are: 

  • ISO9001 | Quality
  • ISO14001 | Environmental
  • ISO45001 | Health & Safety Management 

All of the standards and based on controlling the management process and all include continual improvement.

Once deployed into your business, the system has to be audited by a third party body accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

In order to tender for work with large organisations it is becoming a prerequisite to have a certified system in place, so the standard will not just help in managing your business, it could also help you win more work!

Beware of implementing ‘off the shelf’ systems. The system you use needs to fit your business, not your business fitting the system. After all, you wouldn't buy a pair of shoes that don’t fit, so why do it with a management system!

Many organisations offer systems that audited by bodies not accredited to UKAS and whilst these may help your business, they will NOT be recognised by major customers. Green Hat ONLY provide systems that can be assessed by UKAS accredited bodies, leaving you with an official ISO certificate.

Our consultants hold a vast experience in a variety of industries and have the exact same qualifications as UKAS accredited auditors. They hold extensive managerial experience, so they will be able to assist you with business operations and improvement ideas as well helping you implement and manage your chosen management system.

Green Hat can provide assistance and support ranging from an initial gap analysis, to guidance, to helping you write and deploy all the processes and documents you need, even as far as embedding our team in your workplace to assist you roll out the implementation of the standard.

We can assist with the selection of a UKAS accredited certification body (based on value for your business and not just cost) and if needed, can support you once certified with continuous improvement, internal audits and managerial review support.



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